Saturday, December 30, 2006

So, it's been a while. 20 months to be exact.

Some housekeeping things:

The old email (avocado_the@yahoo.com) no longer works. I checked so infrequently that Yahoo decided to shut me down. I'm now with Gmail (avocado.the@gmail.com), which is a lot cooler, and I set it up so that it forwards to my everyday email.

This site is a big mess. All the ads, links, and random groups and notifiers need to go. I'm afraid to go into the chaos that is The Template, because as much as I'd like to tell myself that I'm conversant in the basics of html and css (since I own a book on the topic, wow), I really suck at it. However, if I decide to write more regularly, it needs to look neater.

I've been up to a lot of things. More on that later. It's nice to do this again.

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