Thursday, April 29, 2004

I got hit by a bike today.

I was walking home through an elementary school yard, amid an abundance of little kids. I had bought myself fresh kiwi bubble tea from a new bubble tea place with a $3 opening special, so I was happily sipping my drink, and glanced around lazily while I walked. Some kids were playing basketball, some were playing rollerhockey, and some were just running around for no obvious reason. A boy on a bike was several meters in front of me, but bikes being so common, I didn't give it much thought. Also, when you see people riding bikes, the last thing you expect is for them to hit you. A few steps later I was distracted by a crying boy holding a big bandage to his right eye walking out of the building with his mother eye. I turned around to see if there's any blood, but before I could look closer, I felt a sharp pain in my knee and get thrown forward. My bubble tea went flying, and split seconds later I register that there is a bike wheel in between my legs and that I am grasping part of a bike for support. My first thought was, I walked into a bike! How could I?! And then, wait a minute... Other than those thoughts, I wasn't thinking at all, and did everything else almost by instinct. I steady myself and right away asked Are you okay?!??! The boy said No no are you okay? I answered yes and picked up my bubble tea. He asked again, are you sure? We asked each other similar questions in rapid succession, and when I walked away, still in shock and limping a little, I felt somewhat touched. That was a nice kid!

Friday, April 23, 2004

When I'm sick, I get the rare opportunity see things I don't usually get the chance, or time, to see. For example, I get to observe my room in detail. The dirty socks, the piles of used kleenex, hair, 9 week overdue library books, post-it notes saying things like "CHEM REVIEW'', ''BRING CLEATS'' or ''CLEAN ROOM TOMORROW''. Being sick also calls for frequent trips to the bathroom to wash my hands, throw Kleenex into the toilet, wash mucus off my face, and while doing this, I have no choice but to look in the mirror and see how red and puffy my nose is, and while I’m at it, I pull at my skin to see how fast it bounces back. (Not very).

Due to the rather unromantic and perhaps disappointing nature of the V-day special, I will post two poems I came across. The first one I saw on a friend's xanga. It's quite sweet:

Falling down the stairs: $0.10 per band-aid
Falling off a tree: $1.50 laundry fee for washing off grass stains
Falling off a boat: $25.00 for a life jacket
Falling off the swings: $200.00 for a cast
Falling asleep on the bus and missing your stop: $2.00 fare to bus back
Falling face down into a pile of shit: $6.99 for a 155mL bottle of AXE body spray
Falling in love with you: priceless
There are some things in life that money cannot fix...for everything else, there's you.

The second one is from Shampoo Cocktail:

some nice things you could do

help me celebrate a belated 4/20
bake me some brownies (normal brownies)
cuddle with me
prefer my company to that of others
tell me you miss me
sweep me off my feet
give me a piggyback ride
braid my hair into little braids
tell me you saw something and thought of me

Don't expect anything lovey-mushy ever again.

Friday, April 09, 2004

It's April. You all know what that means. Scroll down to the Valentine Special!

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