Thursday, April 29, 2004

I got hit by a bike today.

I was walking home through an elementary school yard, amid an abundance of little kids. I had bought myself fresh kiwi bubble tea from a new bubble tea place with a $3 opening special, so I was happily sipping my drink, and glanced around lazily while I walked. Some kids were playing basketball, some were playing rollerhockey, and some were just running around for no obvious reason. A boy on a bike was several meters in front of me, but bikes being so common, I didn't give it much thought. Also, when you see people riding bikes, the last thing you expect is for them to hit you. A few steps later I was distracted by a crying boy holding a big bandage to his right eye walking out of the building with his mother eye. I turned around to see if there's any blood, but before I could look closer, I felt a sharp pain in my knee and get thrown forward. My bubble tea went flying, and split seconds later I register that there is a bike wheel in between my legs and that I am grasping part of a bike for support. My first thought was, I walked into a bike! How could I?! And then, wait a minute... Other than those thoughts, I wasn't thinking at all, and did everything else almost by instinct. I steady myself and right away asked Are you okay?!??! The boy said No no are you okay? I answered yes and picked up my bubble tea. He asked again, are you sure? We asked each other similar questions in rapid succession, and when I walked away, still in shock and limping a little, I felt somewhat touched. That was a nice kid!

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