Saturday, January 01, 2005

I just woke up, and I’m currently eating Haagen-Dazs ice cream out of the container with a butter knife. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR. It’s the first time I’ve said that all week, and it feels weird because I talked to hundreds of people last night (I was selling souvenirs) and I don’t remember saying happy New Year. When I saw my parents this morning, I said, “Wanna see the toque I got?” and that was probably it. So, Happy New Year, the glow sticks are two dollars each, and do you want to see the toque I got?

I hope you all had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Mine started at 3pm, and it was so insanely boring I drooled on the nice chairs in the CBC building. The day picked up when I went to the volunteer’s lounge and picked up six free Safeway sandwiches, two bottles of pop, and six mandarin oranges. I almost giggled when the lady packed it all in a box for me. I brought it back to the other volunteers in my office. Seriously, that’s what I did.

The fun began when I was taken from the Finance office to the souvenirs table, where I think I discovered another one of my callings. I was one hell of a souvenirs uh…seller. Without me, they would never have sold that many toques. Not to brag, of course. In the last part of my shift, I was paired with a guy about my age. He asked me if I wanted to watch the fireworks with him. I agreed. We closed twenty minutes before midnight and went back to the CBC building to count the cash. A minute before midnight we were allowed to leave and watch the fireworks while the staff kept on working. We sprinted down the stairs, struggled with the “automatic” sliding doors, and pried it open just as we heard the beginning of the countdown.

“10! 9! …”

We sped down to the crowd right below the stage.

“… 8! 7! 6! 5! …”

We flew down the stairs. It’s a miracle I didn’t trip and die.

“… 4! 3! …”

We joined the crowd.

“ … 2! 1!”

The fireworks began, the band started playing, and my heart exploded.

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