Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Little bit less than healthy these days. Breathing not quite through the nose, and speaking/singing/caterwauling in a sort of gross, quasi-nasal, pimp-like way. Usually when I feel a soreness going up my throat I heal myself by overdosing on Vitamin C and it works pretty well. (I don't actually have vitamin C pills lying around the house. I merely consume ridiculous amounts of fruit). Didn't work too well this time. Missed two days of school. Not at all as great as it would otherwise be, this staying home business. Tricks my brain into thinking it's the weekend while it most definately is not. Assignments and upcoming exams loom over me, making every minute listening to inane pop music or sleeping and not working seem ill-spent. Awful, awful feeling.

A glance at the calendar shows impending due dates, and causes breathing to be restricted and blood pressure increased. Okay, so the big mother of a philosophy paper is due in December, so the weight of that on my head is not as heavy as the others, even though I know finals are around the same time and I'll probably be completely insane then. The English research paper is due November. This month! And what topic did yours truly pick? Something to do with post-traumatic stress disorder in children! Could I have picked a more depressing topic?

I'm suddenly reminded of a biking incident several days ago where I missed hitting a pedestrian's crotch by mere millimeters. Bless my trusty brakes and my great er...breaking skills. The other person was completely at fault. He saw me coming, it was fairly crowded, and as we got closer to each other he started doing the indecisive left-right jerking motion that always result in collision. Make up your mind! I'm going straight, because it seems like you're going to walk around me, but please, left or right, pick one! After changing his mind several times he decided the choice was too hard to make and to just go straight. My front wheels stopped ever so timely in front of him, the big indecisive turd, standing there, legs apart, staring at me like I'm the idiot. We both watched as I breaked to a stop dangerously close to his groin. "Watch out" he said. Watch out? Watch out? YOU watch out! You'll be surprised to know that I did not swear at him and bike right into his crotch. I biked away silently and rolled my eyes. Definately evidence of maturation.

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