Friday, October 29, 2004

My mother and brother carved the pumpkins, and being the infinitely supportive daughter and sister that I am, I gave unfailing encouragement, saying things like, "That one looks like my chemistry TA" and "Please don't make pumpkin pie, I like apple ones better."

This one is my chemistry TA

I'm thinking of dressing up and staying at home on Halloween night so I can be a spooky candy giver. During particularly boring lectures the past two weeks I got several costume ideas. I thought, why not dress up as a diatomic gas particle? Or, maybe I'll dress up as Descartes. Or, even better, I can be Socrates and question the pants off the unsuspecting, sugar-high children. Maybe I'll be a skank.

Of course, if I really want to scare little children, and believe me, I do, I can always sing to them. Guaranteed nightmares! While they stand there in utter shock, face paint dissolving in cold sweat, I can poke them with a stick and grab their candy. Since I live close to an elementary school, I'm bound to get lots of candy this way.

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