Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I got up at 3:30 am this morning. Let me explain.

The day before was pouring rain, and in addition to the usual effects of rain (like making you wet and making people smelly and in turn making the bus-experience wholly intolerable) it makes me feel extremely worn out. To my utter relief I received a ride home from a friend, though despite escaping the torture that is public transit, I still felt drowsy and decided to take a nap. I napped at 6pm, with the intention of waking up at 7pm. The alarm was set and everything.

I have an internal alarm clock that alerts me a few minutes prior to my actual alarm going off, thus allowing me to wake up, turn the alarm off, and resume sleeping. I think that's what I did that night. Although at around 7, I heard a voice repeatedly shouting "GOOD MORNING, TIME TO WAKE UP! GOOD MORNING TIME TO WAKE UP!" The voice continued until I was fully awake and able to realize that I wasn't dreaming and that there really is a loud voice telling me to get up. I didn't move, thinking it was something my parents recorded. "GOOD MORNING, TIME TO WAKE UP!" WHAT THE FUCK! What kind of stupid joke is this? Why are my parents so cruel?

Then I remembered my Chinese Ding Dong clock. (Ding Dong is a fat blue cat who's able to pull gadgets out of a tiny pocket on his cat-chest) A lot of Chinese electronics talk, like my aunt's microwave that says "Be careful don't burn yourself!" every time the door is opened, and it's always a woman's voice. It's cool the first few times, but you want to set it on fire after a while.

The Ding Dong clock is in my bathroom, because I tend to drift off in the shower. I had the batteries changed recently so the alarm was sounding at maximum volume. The alarm 'on' button must have been pressed accidentally. I've never been very good at determing where sounds are coming from (a constant problem with my cell phone, because I never realize it's my phone ringing until the 10th ring), so I didn't realize the voice was coming from my bathroom until I was sufficienty annoyed. I stormed into the bathroom, slammed my palm into Ding Dong's head, walked back to my bed and went back to sleep. And didn't wake up until 3:30 the next morning.

After getting up, I read a book, completed a lab report, listened to Hilary Duff, and somewhat made up for the time I wasted for forgetting to wake up. At breakfast my dad tried to tell me the effects of a bad sleeping schedule. Except instead of simply telling me to sleep at fixed times every night, he used words like "optimum sleeping cycle" and "decreased efficiency". At 7 in the morning. I can't even speak English that early.

Note: the incoherent nature of this entry may be due to the fact that I woke up at 3:30 this morning. I can use that excuse for practically anything actually. Although I did get nine hours of sleep.

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