Saturday, September 25, 2004

Frequenting public bathrooms has exposed me an array of messages and discussions scribbled on the walls and doors of bathroom stalls. I'm not sure about boys, but it seems like girls unleash a lot more than excrement in bathrooms. Traditionally, it's been the place to hang out. The place to talk, the place to giggle, the place to cry. In bathrooms you could see the object of teenage lust adding a third layer of makeup on her face, obfuscating the last traces of natural texture.

In addition to the usual chatting and primping and smoking, girls seem to have a habit of writing on the sides of the stalls. The number of bathroom stalls have increased significantly now that I'm in university, and with that comes many new reads. So far, I've come across a large number of memorable bathroom lit. There's the usual 'fuck', because writing obscenities is so rebellious, and 'initial plus initial' enclosed in a heart. I once saw 'for blow job, call [number]'. People are often quite opposed to posted instructions, like 'Please do not throw sanitary napkins in toilet', and respond by writing 'WHY DON'T YOU TELL US HOW TO PEE TOO'.

In one stall I found a discussion on love. The starter of the discussion had a bitter tone, and stated that love is merely a figment of our imagination and does not exist. Other comments include the lighthearted "I love my dog! It's real!", the cliched, the interesting, and the incoherent. Other discussions have not been quite as deep, and mostly include exasperated comments like "Please don't pee on the seat". I had a pen, so I couldn't resist writing "But it's so hard not to."

Recently I came across a rhyme: If you sprinkle when you tinckle, be a sweety, wipe the seaty! I cringed and giggled simultaneously. Lately I also saw POO SMELLS written in huge letters across the stall wall.

I have so much to look forward to whenever I get the urge to pee. Going to the public bathroom is an exciting (if slightly risky) business.

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