Saturday, August 14, 2004

I used to live near Main Street three years ago, and while there, I thought Main Street was the most boring street on earth. I walked on Main frequently, and would always walk north, because I thought shops only existed north of where I lived, and north was where the community center was. In the area between my house and the community center resided approximately eleven antique shops, several hair salons, one very cool hair salon, and the usual delis and restaurants. Not the best window shopping, if you ask me. Because I was an extremely cool kid, I spent most of my time in the Main street library. That's what cool kids do. Overdue charges didn't apply to me then, so I revelled in keeping books for long periods of time. Funny thing is, the Main street library had to be the smallest library in Vancouver, and not surprisingly, it didn't hold many books. As a result, I read a variety of books. I remember once, out of a lack of books to take out, I took out what seemed like a cowboy book, because it had a cowboy hat on the cover. Turns out to be a plotless story based mainly on the lewd experiences of an oversexed boy with old toothless sluts.

Whenever I needed to go shopping, I went to malls. Malls, as we all know, are a waste of time if you actually want to buy decent, useful, things. But malls I went. And malls I hated.

Three years ago on a halloween night, I moved far away from Main Street. I was separated from those antique shops that just wouldn't go bankrupt, the pool that smelled of chlorine (I mean, what's up with that?), and the general boredom that I associated with Main street. As soon as I left Main street, I started hearing of the wonderful things that went on there from my Main street buddies. Interestingly enough, I started hanging out more with my Main street buddies. Whenever I commented on an article of clothing, it would turn out to be purchased on Main street, so close to where I lived. I also found out about other attractions, such as cafes with live performances and poetry readings.

After being told countless times of the wonders of Main Street south of where I lived (a little late though isn't it), I went back to main street this week. I ventured south, and sure enough, it was a different world. Small, independent clothing shops; good consignment stores; shops sponsoring local designers; shops selling one-of-a-kind clothing. Some were celebrating a ten or eleven year anniversary. A freaking cornucopia of good clothes. Had I known of this, this land of little unique shops earlier, I could have saved so much time and sanity. Not to mention bus fare.

On Monday I got a haircut at the 'very cool hair salon' mentioned above. I've had my eye on it even while living there, but I couldn't afford it then. I still can't, but I went anyway. I don't go to the same salon twice, but I think I might actually return to this one. It's amazing, and I had a great time getting my hair cut. A few days ago I went shopping on Main and went in almost every one of the little shops. Oh Main Street, why did yee hide from me?

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