Friday, July 16, 2004

Tonight I had a wonderful barbeque with my family in our backyard. My mother, brother and I went shopping for patties, buns and sauces while my dad prepared the grill at home. We brought a coffee table outside and had watermelon, slices of tomato, cucumber, and lettuce all ready. My dad guarded the grill flipped the burgers every 9 seconds. My four-year old brother got really involved too, bringing this and that, arranging the plates, and opening every bottle.

The barbeque was nice and peaceful. The burgers [cheese, sauce, and the works] were delicious, and it was a lot of fun, because rarely do we have barbeques by ourselves. I'm sure people miles away could smell it and were, no doubt, fuming with envy. Two or three bees flew around incessantly while we ate, but we simply waved them away everytime.

I was really happy and satisfied afterwards while putting things away and cleaning up. After putting dishes in the sink I turned around to find my mother coming in with more plates. and she started to tell me how bees must be really stupid because while she was stacking plates, a bee got stuck in between one of them. She held up the stack of plates, I guess for me to see, but I didn't notice and chuckled lightly and prepared to go back outside. Because the stack of plates was right in front of my eyes, I couldn't help but quickly glance at them and my eyes suddenly locked on the dead bee squeezed in between the plates, its furry head and bulging eyes staring right at me. I shrieked loudly, leaped back, and started to jump up and down with my hands covering my face.

I cannot stand the sight of squished insects, and cannot squish bugs between napkins without shuddering. I used to be able to, and used to do it for fun, but I've aged and I can't anymore. The unexpected sight of a stupid squished bee, in between my PLATES, was extremely disturbing. I stood there moaning and flapping my arms around for a while. I couldn't get the image out of my head so I started to slap my head.

I'm okay now, I think. I hope the bee doesn't come to haunt me.

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