Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I've been watching a lot of decorating shows on the W Network lately. I've always liked Candice Olson Divine Design, but I have started to watch shows like House Doctor, Debbie Travis Painted House, and other similar shows. I love the before and after shots and when the owners come in the made-over room for the first time (though I doubt that's the first time, because they can't possibly stay away from their kitchen/bedroom/family room for weeks) and shriek and jump and clap I shriek and jump and clap along with them.

I've been meaning to 'renovate' my room for a long time. It's not very practical, it lacks closed storage, and even if I pick everything off the floor it still looks messy. And Messy Makes Me Mad. Since the RCM exams are approaching, I will leave all the planning, drawing (Candice Olson has taught me important things) and purchasing to the middle of August. Everything I'm planning to do (ie lunch with friends, bedroom renovation, camping, shopping, haircut) has been set in the middle of August. August is feeling a lot of pressure right now. Let's see what happens.

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