Sunday, July 18, 2004

Have you ever woken up not being able to move a single muscle, and as you lie there trying to decide whether to get up or to go back to sleep, and having trouble with both, you try hard to think back to the night before. Okay so maybe you were up until two in the morning reading some chick lit called BAD BOY, but you woke up late enough, and you don't even remember using your muscles the day before. Unlike school days, you don't have a tough day of studying ahead or even approaching deadlines, so why the soreness and the utter inability to move?

This morning was like that for me, and after much turning and adjusting the pillow so it can somehow accomidate my aching neck, I kicked the wall several times, found my remote control (the only thing I sleep with) under the covers, and listened to a song by Tribe Called Quest. Volume on high, announcing to my family and the neighborhood that I AM NOW UP, I slowly walked to the bathroom. One look in the mirror made me think of Halloween and the money I can save on a mask. Then I made a note to ask my mother for money for a haircut.

After exiting my room with much effort and with a purpose, I went downstairs. I had a goal, and I woke up for a reason. I woke up to eat.

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