Monday, June 07, 2004

Sitting here with a cold, drinking mint tea I took from the hotel on Friday. Just like taking shampoo and soap, taking tea is a wonderful experience. Just like hotel shampoo and soap, this tea isn't too pleasant.

I realized a long ago that the condition of my health is directly related to the amount of sleep I get. Proportional, as some like to say. I have disovered long ago that I should never attend sleep overs, because I will always, always be sick the day after. As planned, my body is paying it's all nighter from Friday. Luckily, Friday was an all-fun all nighter, not a holy-shit-I-have-an-essay-due-the-next-morning one. If I had to put in mental effort and stay up all night, I would be very ill right now. Weak, I know.

Sitting here with a cold, which comes with a soar throat, and a raspy voice. Not bothering to clear my throat, I am singing along to Why Don't You and I by Santana. My current voice is perfect for the song: a little rough, lower than usual. So sexy.

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