Thursday, June 03, 2004

I had a great day. After finishing all my exams - well, not the provincials - i decided to give myself a break by going to London Drugs. Now, you ask, what might one do at London Drugs? Well, one can roam the cosmetic area and sample various kinds of powder, sparkly eyeshadow, 'luminous' foundation, and look at a variety of gift bags, which I am always tempted to buy. After that, the real fun starts. I go over to the Biotherm counter. (You can go to any counter, given that its products are often advertized, and since it has its own counter, expensive)

The great thing about LD is that unlike The Bay or Holt Renfrew it doesn't put three employees at every counter. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed and you don't feel pressured whatsoever to purchase anything. I stood at the Biotherm counter for a long time, trying absolutely everything on the rotating tester display. $40 aquasource face lotion was used 'liberally' on my hands, my arms were covered with an assortment of night creams, wrinkle creams, and the pores on my arms were tightened with a really expensive pore refiner, packaged in an innovative tube with a sponge as the applicator, and which I accidentally spilled.

I guess I stood at the counter for too long, because a cosmetics representative finally came up to me and asked if I needed help. I told them I was just looking at the Biotherm products. Hearing that, she proceeded to get something like a little spatula and scoooped more cream on my hands. I did a little touchdown dance in my head.

To top everything off, I bought myself bubble tea at the new bubble tea place. Their fresh fruit bubble tea is excellent, full of real fruit and really high quality. I ordered the lychee tea, and drank that happily on the way home. My throat hurt afterwards, perhaps due to consuming all that sweet bubble tea, or maybe I had a cold.

An excellent day. Go ahead. Give it a try. It's retail therapy without the spending. Well, except for the bubble tea, which was worth every penny.

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