Saturday, May 29, 2004

Yesterday was the graduation breakfast, where teachers cooked greasy bacon and pancakes in the school cafeteria. I ate too much as usual, and felt lethargic (as usual) during math work period so I passed the time being sarcastic and mean to the people around me. I'm kidding. I sat in an unattractive posture and drooled on my math textbok.

The main theme of the grad breakfast, in my opinion, is receiving the letters people wrote to themselves in grades eight and ten. Unfortunately, our counselor 'could not find' our grade eight letters, and lacking self control, I couldn't wait to open ten one, so I opened that first, spoiling my chronological plan. The writing was big and childish, although legible as opposed to now. I wrote that I was in grade ten (duh, as if I wouldn't know), and mentioned trivial things. I told myself who I liked at the time, and talked about a date I went on. It wasn't embarrassing as I had imagined, for I find most of my writing embarrassing. Come a first years I wonder if I'll read my old blogs and cringe.

I was a lot less sarcastic two years ago. I think I was nicer, less critical of myself, and less bitter. I had many goals and stated them in the letter. I accomplished a few and do not feel upset at ones I didn't accomplish because things have shifted, and some things I no longer consider important. I received a forward a few days ago, containing a quiz supposedly made up by the Dalai Lama, and it asked me to list animals and such. The procrastinator that I am, I took the quiz, and though I don't think the answers were extremely accurate, they were interesting nonetheless. One question asked me to write down my animals of preference from a list. I put pig first, because pigs are cool and I once held new born pigs on my grandmother's farm. The results stated that my choice of pig as my number one perferred animal meant that I considered money to be the most important thing in life. I don't. Interestingly, though not surprisingly, love and relationships were the last in my list. At the very bottom, I was told to forward the letter to as many people as my favorite number or something really bad will happen to me like my crush will hate me or I will never get laid or I will fall and die the next day. No way the Dalai Lama was any part of that.

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