Sunday, May 30, 2004

I'm graduating soon. In about a week. I've never really gotten the point of ceremonies. All you do is dress up, prance around in silly (or nice) shoes and have your parents plus everyone else's parents watch you do it. It can be fun, I suppose. Perhaps a formal and elaborate conclusion is necessary before a person can truly 'move on' to another 'stage' in one's life. It would be a little odd to clean out lockers like every year, say goodbye to teachers like every year and take finals like every year with the only difference being a piece of paper. But with all that aside, it is not slightly, well, overrated? With the valedictorian speech, the graduation song that you walk out hearing - which my graduation class voted to be the Star Wars Theme. I'm going to really inspired to do great things with the Star Wars Theme ringing in the back of my head.

I'm just glad my school is among the smaller ones, so I won't have to suffer through hundreds and hundreds of people walking across the stage. It must be tough for the principal. I hope the valedictorian speech is decent at least; not cheesy or overly reminiscent or just bad. Last year I attended a friend's graduation and the speech sucked. Nobody laughed. Nobody cried. Maybe I will cry. From tripping over my 10.5 cm heels.

Readers may have noticed that I have been posting more frequently than usual. How often I blog is directly proportional to how much work I have. The more work I have, the more I blog. Why do more important things when I can tell nobody in particular about nothing in particular?

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