Saturday, May 22, 2004

I came across Lotus Child's website several months ago and immediately liked the three songs on their site. For the next little while I did my assignments with their music in the background and became very familiar with those three songs. Wanting to see them live, I would often check the news section, but all the appearances were in clubs and venues for the 19 and older. Things were hectic in the months following, and I stopped frequenting Lotus Child's website.

On Thursday morning I was doing service in the library and, being the good service student that I am, I was checking my email. It was then that I suddenly remembered Lotus Child and like old times, I checked the news section on their site. I was surprised to see a scheduled appearance in a nearby highschool on the 21st. Never one to know the date or time, my first thought was Damn! I missed the one performance I could have attended! After various physical expressions of anger I calmed down and realized that the 21st was the next day.

Lotus Child performed last the evening of the event, and they were definitely worth the long - though somewhat enjoyable - wait. In general, live performances are not as acoustically pleasant as recordings, but Lotus Child achieved amazing balance. I can go on forever about their playing, vocals, harmonizing, and stage presence. They are talented musicians who obviously find music and performance to be a catharsis, and it makes me happy to see a group of people who share an inherent love of music playing together. Their energy was contagious, and I had a great time.

I finally had the chance to purchase their cd that night, and played it on the way home, keeping the mood going. Never before had I found a cd in which I've liked every single song. I have been singing shamelessly along ever since. On the bus today I suddenly remembered about LC's stickers, which I forgot to take on Friday night. How unfortunate.

It's unusual for me to praise a musical group because I'm so incredibly picky when it comes to music. I take everything apart,pick at every single detail and usually give rather negative comments. If I ever work as a critic I'd be the one getting all the hate mail. Lotus Child is, to put it plainly: good. The drummer did not drown out everything with ostentatious cymbal hitting and did not overdo the bass drum. The band played extremely well together, which, for a big chamber music fan like me, is a great thing. I'm all about unity and the entire group as opposed to individual instruments. But if I have to say something less than positive about Lotus Child, I'd have to say that while their harmonizing is beautiful, it is a little overdone in one song. I think that's all.

When I think about it, many groups have good chemistry, superior musical insight, so I believe the reason I like Lotus Child so much is that I like their songs, their melodies and choruses. Their other qualities reinforce that.

Thank you Lotus Child, for making music.

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