Monday, May 31, 2004

Blogger keeps changing its look, which, to a person like me who cannot find anything and easily loses concentration is extremely disconcerting. If I need to spend more than a millisecond looking for where to sign in, then the layout sucks. So as you can see, I am posting again. I am doing that because I am very busy. It is obvious that I have a lot of work to do, but my excuse is that I'm blogging as I wait for the printing to finish. Problem is, I have yet to click print. I have decided to move my books, utensils and self to my room, although I don't know how I came to that decision. The last time I tried it my mother found me lying on my bed, a binder beneath my head, drooling slightly, with one hand firmly grasping a graphing calculator and the other holding a pencil, fast asleep. Although my room lacks a computer and people walking through it constantly, it does have an extremely messy desk, dirty articles of clothing, and an unmade bed, all of which makes me want to scream and perform random acts of violence. It will cause me much frustration and sweat to organize it a little, and I don't know what I will do.

A week ago I started to feel a sharp pain in the middle part of my back whenever I would bend down or move a certain way. It was definitely a new pain, not soreness or anything I'm familiar with. It has been getting worse, and it's apparent that I have injured my back in some way. I did not improve matters by going to the fitness center on Saturday. Doctor I will see soon. I will find out if I'm merely aging or if I committed a hateful back crime. It might have been a special stretch I tried, though that felt really good at the time.

Signs I am overloaded (workwise; I'm always overloaded foodwise): constant posts; spelling and grammar errors; lack of coherence; disorganized writing (though some may argue that my writing is always like that); increased sarcasm. However, I don't think you will catch me complaining. Not blatantly at least.

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