Friday, January 16, 2004

Recently, people have found my site through google searches for "arithmetic sequence"+ exciting and braces are ugly. Some people have such odd fascinations. The first person - the one who finds arithmetic sequences 'exciting' - has yet to learn about geometric sequences. I expect google searches for "geometric sequence + MIND BLOWING" in the near future. Sequences rock my socks. Speaking of socks, a humanities teacher I once had wore musical socks. She even turned it on once for us. It played 'Silent Night". It was a little disturbing.

Okay, Mr/Mrs Braces Are Ugly, what are you looking for? What do you want? Trying to find similar pea-brains with a dislike for orthondontic treatment? I bet you were so jealous of friends who had their teeth corrected to perfection that you've tried to make braces using aluminum foil and coat-hanger wire. Sucker.

I have been told that for an extra fee, you can have your braces erased in professional school photographs. Why would anybody want to do that?

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