Sunday, January 04, 2004

I have just realized that I spend a lot of time in front of mirrors staring at my teeth. Or more precisely, my braces. My braces and my teeth. Whatever. This started a month prior to orthodontist treatment, when I would stare disapprovingly at my crooked teeth, trying different smiles to see which one looked the best. I thought I had an ugly smile, which is quite rare and not exactly a good thing, since smiles aren't supposed to be unattractive, so I actually looked forward to getting braces. And then I discovered that braces are ugly too. Go figure.

While most other girls spend literally minutes in front of the mirror doing their hair, applying their powders and lotions and mascaras and liners and smelly things, I spend my minutes looking at my teeth from all possible angles. I even have one of those dentist mirrors that lets me see the back of my teeth and underneath my top molars. Isn't everybody fascinated with their teeth? And braces? If they're lucky enough to have braces?

Some people can't walk out of the house in the morning without elaborate French braids or German twists or Chinese buns and can't bear to let others see them with their hair dripping wet and their pimples showing. Me, I can't leave the house without brushing and flossing my teeth. So it doesn't matter if my blemishes aren't concealed by Mac or if my hair is dripping wet, as long as my teeth and braces are clean.

Note: Just because I talk about my braces, stare at my teeth in the mirror, and look forward to orthodontist appointments does not mean I have an obsession. Just in case you thought so.

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