Sunday, January 11, 2004

I couldn't sleep last night. It may have been due to the long nap I took in the afternoon, but I went to bed late enough to make sure I fall asleep quickly. Not the case. I lay there, with my eyes closed, and realized suddenly that I can't remember Shakespeare's first name. What's Shakespeare's first name? Felix? No, that's Mendelssohn first name. I know! It's BILL. Bill Shakespeare. It doesn't sound right.

I looked around the room to find something that might contain Bill Shakespeare's real first name. I picked up my Harvard Concise Dictionary of Music, knowing that Berlioz - among others - was inspired by the works of Shakespeare. But I knew that they wouldn't include his first name under any of the composers' information. I was relieved to see that Shakespeare did not have a personal section in my music dictionary, because, well, Shakespeare didn't exactly show any musical talent.

Next I grabbed a music textbook. In the index, I found William Shakespeare.


I fell asleep after that.

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