Wednesday, December 03, 2003

This entry will take place in two parts

Part one:

Today was so interesting it's worth writing about, though not necessarily worth reading about. It started with, surprise, the alarm clock, followed by an exuberant me jumping off the bed in anticipation of the new day. Just kidding. I did the usual, ate breakfast, put my cello into the trunk, and got dropped off at school by my dad. CBC played a lovely recording of a piano prelude and I left the car with the music still ringing peacefully through my head. I almost reached the door of my school when something hit me: I forgot my cello in the trunk.

The ending of this part is rather sad. I thought about writing everything down, but that's a bit strenuous, and I'm lazy, so I'm going to make a long story short. What happened was, my dad brought my cello to school at around 10 am, but I didn't get it until after my rehearsal, because I called my mom and thought she was going to bring it and meet me somewhere. I went to the office numerous times asking if my mother had come, which she never did, without mentioning a cello. I didn't think it was necessary to mention the cello, because if my mom had come, she would have brought it with her, and since the teachers know me very well, they would have known it was my dad that dropped off the cello.

But praise the Lord, nothing happened to my mother and my brother like I'd feared, I was reunited with my cello in the end, and my dad was not angry for making the extra trip.

Stay tuned for part two of this incredible series.

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