Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Since it has been what people call 'Christmas time' - made all too obvious by catchy and ubiquitous tunes, obese men in red suits screaming such obscenities as 'HO HO HO', commercialized items representing this particular 'holiday', and enough blinking lights and bright wrapping paper to blind the average eye - I have decided to write a little about the festivities that occur around this time and what they all mean to me. That was one extremely long sentence.

My first topic of discussion is wrapping paper. Until recently, I never questioned the purpose behind it. It looks nice, it makes your gifts look nice, and it makes it look like you put effort into a particular gift, even if you put no thought to it whatsoever and merely grabbed something off a Body Shop shelf. And paid for it of course. (I'll talk about the Body Shop another time). But ever since I've realized how time consuming it is to wrap gifts, and how sad I get when people tear apart my wrapping with fervor and too much enthusiasm, I have decided to stop wrapping gifts. It's not that I'm bad at wrapping. I'm actually quite good, given an hour or so per gift. So if your gift comes in a plastic bag, it's probably from me.

But if you really like wrapping paper, I guess I can buy you a roll of it instead of trying to find a suitable gift. Much more convenient if you ask me. I can just go to the dollar store.

I had a second topic of discussion. It was about ostentatious decorations and frazzled women in high heels carrying shopping bags. But I don't feel like going into that anymore.

Anyway, I better go find some plastic bags for my Christmas presents.

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