Monday, December 15, 2003

One can never underestimate the ability of a simple sign or advertisement to make you chuckle for hours, or to drive you completely mad. I saw one of those today and I'm not sure which one of the effects it is having on me. Maybe both. The following poster was seen in a spa window:

Christmas Spa package! The perfect gift for a friend or for yourself!
$45 One Pedicure!
One Manicure!
One Radiance Facial!

The abundance of exclamation marks was enough to exhaust the little voice in my head (and make me a little nervous). What exactly is a Radiance! facial? How does it differ from a regular facial? So for $45, I get the complete 20 nails makeover plus a facial with extra radiance. Say I wanted the Radiance Facial! without the Radiance!, how much do I get taken off the price? This reminds me a little of fast food menus, where you can supersize your meal for 89 cents or make your fries wedge fries for 49 cents. Maybe they should have put that at the bottom of the poster: For a Radiance Facial with EXTRA! Radiance!, add [amount]

Wouldn't it be fun to go for a facial and emerge with bright! radiant! looking! complexion!?

Can I get a Radiance Pedicure! instead?

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