Tuesday, December 02, 2003

As strange as this may sound, I enjoy going to the orthodontist. I've never dreaded going before, but I have recently discovered how much - for lack of a better word - fun I have when I'm there. My orthodontist is a great woman, and all her assistants have an awesome sense of humor. I love talking to them, though I usually do that with my mouth wide open and with metal objects inside.

I'm always amazed at how experienced Dr. Ortho is. She could be telling me of her trip to the Chang Jiang River in China, jotting down notes on her pad, swiftly bending wires, and giving directions to her assistants at the same time. Whenever she tells me these hilarious stories, several of her staff who walked by to ask her a quick question stay and listen to her stories, so it's almost like having a big audience for my fabulous and facinating teeth.

Luckily this time, not only did I not get fang-like elastics, I wasn't required to wear them at all.

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