Sunday, November 23, 2003

My dad came back from a silent auction with a gift basket which contained many fun and edible things such as: a cookbook (titled Cheese), a bottle of wine, a pretty cutting board, and a matching knife. Oh yeah, not to mention the basket and the cellophane. Now I love nothing better than cookbooks and cooking magazines. I have a bunch of them under my bed, and I often flip through the pictures to avoid doing things like vacuuming and physics.

So I was happily looking at the pictures in Cheese when this particular recipe caught my eye: Note: I usually skip the ingredients/directions part, because, well, they're boring.

Baked Nut-crusted Camembert

(Okay, first of all, what's a Camembert?)

1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts
1 1/2-pound-round (or oval) Camembert cheese (Oh, it's a cheese. I guess that makes sense. But what's the difference between a pound of round Camembert cheese and a pound of oval Camembert cheese?)
1 egg
Apple or pear slices
Sliced and lightly toasted rich bread such as brioche, panettone, or raisin pumpernickel

PUMPERNICKEL. Isn't that the funniest word you have ever seen? Now try saying it. Pumpernickel. It's so funny I even shared it with my mother.

When my fits of hysterical laughter died down, I looked up the word in my dictionary.

pumpernickel pumpernickel is a dark brown, heavy bread, which is eaten especially in Germany.

Speaking of my love for books with pictures of food or beverages, I bought a friend of mine a cocktails book for his birthday. If there is one thing this friend of mine hates doing, it is reading. I knew that a long time ago. But I told myself, a cocktail recipe book is not literature, so it's fine, he'll like it. From what I remember, I bought the book mostly because I liked it, because I couldn't leave the wonderful book of intensely colorful pictures behind. I'm being rather verbose today, with frequent usage of the word ''I'', but I guess what I'm trying to get at is that there's nothing more satisfying than looking at pictures of desserts, drinks, and soups.

I am going to name my first-born child Pumpernickel.

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