Sunday, November 30, 2003

I did a google search for my site today and one result turned up. To my complete surprise, somebody somewhere somehow discovered my site out of the blue. This person, who we'll call Kh, wrote this on one of his/her blog entries:


this person's blog's really interesting. keep the url there to read back. interesting. though i think th eperson, whoever he/she is, doesn't really know html. but the entries r really cool.

First, I checked Kh's post again and again to make sure the url he/she wrote down is actually mine. Then I started getting rather excited and defensive at the same time. I mean, I've only told two people about my newly made site, and this is the first time I've found my site through a google search (maybe I'll try aol next time), so this is making me want to giggle . Kh, I'm glad you think my entries are cool, I hope you keep reading. I have to defend myself a little about the html comment though. How do you know I'm html illiterate? I could be so good at html that I'm experimenting with abstract html - html that seeks to provoke thoughts, trigger emotions, and ...ok, I admit it, I suck at html. But Kh is very good at html. He/she has verses of poems running through the bottom border of the page, writing that turns upsidedown when you put your cursor over it, and get this: color . It's all very cool.

Or maybe that's css?

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